Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beware the Trojan Horse

Islamic Rebels
It’s time the American people ask, “Whose side is Obama on?” All the while we were fighting those who were committing terrorist actions against us in Iraq and Afghanistan, he and most of his administration were opposing and apologizing to the world for our actions. He does nothing to support the true democracy movement in Iran but he supports those in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing down the largest Muslim government in the Mideast who was pro-American. As other Muslim pro-American governments in the Mideast face attempts to overthrow them, Obama is silent. Now, in Libya, he suddenly cares about ‘the people’ and wants to bring down Kaddafi. Nothing is said about the rebels apposing Kaddafi containing Al-Qaida and Hezbollah elements. Supposedly, we were only going to enforce a ‘no fly’ zone, but, now we are bombing Kaddafi forces and supplying arms to the rebels. Meanwhile the so-called democracy movement in Egypt has become a full fledged radical Islamic movement that has just rewritten their constitution to include Sharia law. You know, that’s the law that makes all other religions sub-servant to Islam and women little more than chattel to the men. No wonder the King in Saudi Arabia was angry with Obama and allowed Iranian ships to go through the Suez Canal to set up a military port in Syria. He knows he is probably next on the radical Islamic hit list and that Obama will do nothing to stop it.

Everything Obama does is seems to be calculated to weaken the United States and its Constitution. Instead of protecting American Border States, like Arizona, against being invaded by Mexican drug lords, He joins Mexico in bringing a law suit against Arizona, when it tries to enforce U.S. law. When a Federal Judge rules that Obama Care is unconstitutional, Obama goes ahead and implements it anyway. He obviously doesn’t think the Constitution applies to him. Since he doesn’t think he has to show his birth certificate to prove his eligibility to be President, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. He doesn’t go to the Congress to get permission or approval for his military actions in Libya, but to the United Nations! If the American people don’t wake up we will soon lose our sovereignty to the United Nations. The Obama administration already is trying to control our guns by signing on to UN sanctions against guns, and his treasury secretary has publically admitted that we might be better off if the US dollar was replaced as the world’s reserve currency. He tried to accuse the US of being at fault in supplying guns to the Mexican drug lords but, now it is revealed that his own administration was doing just that very thing! This was just another attempt to get control of our rights to bear arms.

Obama canceled the Christian Day of Prayer in the While House, but he honored the Muslim day of prayer and joined in. He has alienated our strongest ally in the Mideast, Israel, and behind the scenes worked to weaken their position in a sea of hostility, known as the Mideast. If they object, he threatens to recognize a Palestinian State, knowing it would further destabilize the region and certainly not bring peace.

American Christians rise up and cast out this ‘Trojan horse’ that has sneaked into the White House. We have the two-edged sword of prayer and the vote and I hope we use them before it too late.

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